GitLab Hacking

To disable minifying of the js file, comment this line out

user@ubuntu:/opt/gitlab/embedded$ sudo vim ./service/gitlab-rails/config/environments/production.rb
#config.assets.js_compressor = :uglifier

gitlab-rake is a script that sets a default user and does bundle exec rake

Needs permission to write, so change permissions for public folder

sudo chmod a+w public
cd public
sudo chmod a+w assets

To recompile fully

sudo gitlab-rake assets:clobber --trace # this step is sort of optional if you don't want to completely clean it out
sudo gitlab-rake assets:precompile --trace
sudo gitlab-ctl restart

Add all accepted mimetypes to this file

/opt/gitlab/embedded$ sudo vim service/gitlab-rails/app/javascripts/
acceptedFiles: "image/*,audio/*,video/*,application/*,text/*"

Disable checking of extensions

/opt/gitlab/embedded$ sudo vim service/gitlab-rails/app/services/projects/image_service.rb


if image && correct_mime_type?(image)


if image
/opt/gitlab/embedded$ sudo vim service/gitlab-rails/app/javascripts/

String::endsWith = (s) -> s is '' or @[-s.length..] is s

formatLink = (str) ->
  image_extensions = ['jpg', 'gif', 'jpeg', 'png']

  is_image = false
  for ext in image_extensions
    is_image = is_image | str.url.toLowerCase().endsWith(ext)

  if is_image
    "![" + str.alt + "](" + str.url + ")"
    "[" + str.alt + "](" + str.url + ")"

Changing html in views (changing the text)

Go to /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/app/views/projects/wikis Modify the .haml files. Restart server to see effects


.pull-right Attach images (JPG, PNG, GIF) by dragging & dropping or #{link_to "selecting them", '#', class: 'markdown-selector' }.


.pull-right Attach files by dragging & dropping.

Change maximum filesize for uploads

/opt/gitlab/embedded$ sudo vim service/gitlab-rails/app/javascripts/

Change line 29. The unit of memory for that value is MiB.

Remove dropzone’s check

/opt/gitlab/embedded$ sudo vim service/gem/ruby/2.1.0/gems/dropzonejs-rails-0.4.14/vendor/javascripts/dropzone.js

} else if (!Dropzone.isValidFile(file, this.options.acceptedFiles)) {
  return done(this.options.dictInvalidFileType);

Clear out accepted_images

I think this makes the FileUploader class not check extensions

/opt/gitlab/embedded$ sudo vim service/gitlab-rails/app/services/projects/image_service.rb

Make accepted_images return nothing

def accepted_images
  #%w(png jpg jpeg gif pdf zip tar.gz txt)
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